Becoming a mum changes us. We know this fact but what does it mean in real terms? Physically we may find parts of ourselves unrecognisable. While some parts increase in size (feet included by the way) other parts fall out (hair)! Its all such a delight but joking aside how much of the real you do see when you look in the mirror (that’s if you get the chance too). Besides a zillion nappy changes, countless feeds and meeting the demands of a screaming toddler. It’s all to easy to lose sight of you we are and who you have become.

When was the last time you spent time on yourself? Has your own personal fitness flown out the window? has romance died a death under a mound of dirty laundry? This epic, amazing, scary, exciting, overwhelming journey has begun and it may have taken you by surprise. Perhaps its how we now divide our time that makes it feel so different like so much has changed. Gone are the late nights sipping Rioja, girlie child free lunches and shopping with friends (without small child in tow)!

It’s different that’s all and whether you have embraced motherhood and all its chaos with open arms! You maybe breezing through motherhood without a hair out of place or you may be struggling to even find a hair brush. You may doubt the very core of your existence on some days feeling like your life has been taken over my a small army of toddler terrorists. We all at some point along this wonderful journey will need a helping hand, some practical support or just someone to listen. Your motherhood journey is as unique and as special as your baby! and you are doing the best that you can. Society has a wonderful way of making mothers feel undervalued, never quite doing enough or there are even those that are doing too much. Its hard to strike a balance and some times that balance goes flying of the scale leaving us weary and fed up. Yet the wonderful thing about mothers is that they are adaptable creatures, adapting to change like ducks to water. A gentle reminder that even in the darkest hours when you feel like you are on your own you are never alone. Be kind to yourself, you are doing just fine.

I’m delighted to be part of the 6 weeks social family we believe that the best support comes from one another. Mums supporting mums.

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