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"Life is what it is, you cannot change it, but you can change yourself”

Ware Hypnotherapy

Your outlook on life is completely unique to others around you. Your behaviour is shaped by both your beliefs and your life patterns. Although you may be aware of these patterns which are limiting your potential, you are often unsure how you can change these patterns to achieve your goals.

At Ware Hypnotherapy and Counselling we can help you to utilise your inner resources to create a rich, rewarding and fulfilling life. You have these resources within you, hypnotherapy can unlock their potential.

Imagine your life without …

Then imagine your life with improved …


  • Self esteem and self worth
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Weight management
  • Health and well being
  • Habits and behaviours
  • Quality of life – free of pain
  • Calmness and relaxationAffiliations