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"Life is what it is, you cannot change it, but you can change yourself”

‘Weight Management Course’ New Year special

Kick start your health and well-being this New Year with our ‘Wellness Programme’.

Would you like to feel more positive about your weight, self-image and enjoy more energy?
During January and February we are offering our ‘Kick Start for Health’ programme’ 6 one to one sessions over a number of weeks. These personalised sessions will cover everything from Eating habits, exercise behaviours, emotional eating and healthy nutritional changes.

Planning, preparation and  how to make changes work for you.

Understanding time management and the impacts of stress.

Mindfulness eating and  tips on portion control.


You will learn new skills that can help you break the cycle of negative behaviour and habits. Helping you change the way you see yourself; by using hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and NLP we can shift the negative patterns and thoughts into new more resourceful behaviours. Making changes that will last for life!

Our course is packed with helpful tools, and knowledge and comes with personalised MP3s, course materials and on going support.

Book your place today- Quote ‘NY2016’ 

to get £30 off the £360 course investment