Weight Management

Weight managementWhy diets don’t work?

Our relationship with food and what we consume is often one that we fight agaisnt daily and for some that fight may last a lifetime. Trying every fad diet, joining numerous diet clubs and spending thousands on trying to reach that ideal weight is often an untangible goal. Leaving us depressed, disheartened and often hungry!

Millions of us are on a diet right now, unfortunately the results are usually the same. You’ll lose weight for a short time but then pile the pounds back on afterwards. Understanding that being fat is not simply about food, we over eat and often don’t even know what we are eating. We then feel quilty, fat and fed up.

Ware-Hypno weightloss programme will make fundamental changes to how you think about food, weight and ultimately yourself.

‘I have been there done all the diets!! Lost the weight then put it all back on plus the extra. Then I decided to try hypnotherapy. Natasha has helped me explore my reasons for my bad eating and eating habits which had developed during my childhood. Through hypnotherapy Natasha has implemented changes to the way I think about food and the triggers that made me over eat. A nice surprise has been the ‘Hypno Gastric Band’. To date I have lost over two stone in weight, with no faddy diets and no calorie counting. I have successfully changed the way I eat. I also have a medical condition which has improved immensely due to the control I now have over my diet and by seemly not wanting to eat the wrong types of foods. I could not have achieved this without Natasha’s help. I am delighted to be able to recommend ‘Ware Hypnotherapy’s weight management programme’ Thank you so much.
Carla, Hertford.